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Truck driving jobs are among the most fulfilling careers today. When it comes to trucking, it’s usually thought of as a “man’s job.” But don’t let your bias cloud your judgment — women who want to make a difference for themselves can find it through truck driving.

As reported by Forbes, women are increasingly making their way into the male-dominated trucking industry. In 2012, an estimated 289 women entered the sector. It is expected to go over 5,000 by 2025 since opportunities for women to join the trucking industry are rising. The fact that there will soon be more women than men in the trucking industry is exciting and should be celebrated.

Quality Carriers has been in business since 1913 and prides itself on providing its drivers with quality opportunities. In line with that, we have gathered testimonials from their female drivers.

Opportunity to work at Quality Carriers

Meet Lindsey Conover, a National Recruiter at Quality Carriers. She started in the trucking industry as a processor and soon moved to recruiting. During that time, she had the opportunity to hire both student drivers who were new to the industry and experienced drivers.

She was able to travel around the country to job fairs and schools, and she has also been able to work from home. 

“They have shown me a great deal of respect, and it’s refreshing to work for a company where honestly is a value,” says Lindsey. She added, “I am happy to be an employee of such a great company and grateful for those who steered me here and into transportation.”

As a truck driver, happiness is when you find the right company.

Challenges in working in the Trucking Industry

The challenges for women in the trucking industry are similar to those for men. However, some challenges unique to women can make it difficult for them to succeed in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

In addition, many women need more experience driving large trucks and hauling loads before they start their jobs as professional drivers. The good news is many women truck drivers have taken on this challenge and succeeded.

Here’s another testimony from Tikisha Mills. She’s been a truck driver for 12 years and before becoming a truck driver, she was in the Direct Mail Industry. Her job was very time sensitive and demanding. She started as a machine operator and worked to become the Commingle Supervisor.

One of her biggest challenges was working a full-time job during the day, going to a truck driving school at night and being a full-time mother, but God is her savior, and He brought her through. 

She shared confidently. “QC is my 3rd truck driving job, and hope it’s my last. I like the independence”. She added, “Being able to pick my loads and of course the money.” In the process of all this, she is trying to own her truck.

Advantages of working in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is one of the largest industries in the world, employing more than 3 million people. Trucking companies are always looking for new drivers to fill their jobs. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to work on the road and make good money.

According to Renisha Black, when she decided to change careers to enter the Trucking Industry, she thought of success with an adventurous twist.

She also realized how much hourly and salary pay she could make in a year. She added, “The trucking industry was an opportunity for me to raise the bar for my personal goals to be achieved at a better rate over time.”

Why work at Quality Carriers?

Quality Carriers is a trucking company that has been around for over 50 years. They have an excellent reputation in the trucking industry and have been named one of the best companies to work with.

Here are the reasons why working at Quality Carriers is worth it from other successful female drivers- Jama Trainer and Crystal Reed.

Before choosing a career in the trucking industry, Trainer was a 22-year-old with a toddler trying to find a direction for her life. But today, her son is a well-rounded young man. She also held a Bachelors Degree among many other accolades and they live comfortably.

1. Quality Carriers care about their Drivers.

In the summer of 2012, she applied at Quality Carriers of Kentucky. Quality Carriers provide experienced drivers during training, said Jama Trainer. She applied with limited tank experience and was the only woman who passed through orientation with flying colors. The training provided her with tons of hands-on experience, and she easily familiarized herself with the process and equipment.

2. Quality Carriers is supportive and patient.

“QC and their customers were patient with me, and that alone built up my confidence.” Jama points out. She also added that the QC of KY supported her far beyond standard carrier responsibilities.

She proudly shared, “They planned great home time so that I could be a mother and made sure I was able to attend everything that mattered to my child. They never doubted my ability to do the work just because I was a woman. With staff support and encouragement, I was able to finish my education while working”.

3. Quality Carriers is not just an employer but a family

“QC cared, and they became more than just my employer- they became family,” Jama says. She graduated on May 10, 2013, with a BA in Psychology from a nearby University and in the same year, she purchased her first home – she did it all by her 30th birthday.

In 2015, she moved around. She tried new things and gained more experience. But Jama says, “there’s no place like ‘home.’ I returned to QC of KY in July of 2017, where I was greeted again with open arms”. She was grateful that she was able to come back and work with corporate in Tampa to make things possible and easy.

Since returning, she has built strong relationships with their customers, and she quoted, “QC has allowed me to spend more time with my son and family than ever before. As a mother before anything else, that’s most important to me. The pay, benefits, equipment, staff, and fellow drivers are just an added bonus. QC still cares”.

4. Quality Carriers hire drivers with minimum qualifications

“I entered the transportation industry after working several years in retail,” says Crystal Read. She explained that there were no benefits and not much room for advancement. Also, she stated that working in retail with that policy “customer is always right,” she knew it was time for a change.

Her knowledge of trucking came from her father. “My father was a truck driver, so I knew the pros and cons of the transportation industry,” she noted. When she started to work for Quality Carriers, they were opening her position, so learning a new role was quite challenging for her. But overall, she has enjoyed being a part of the Quality Carriers family. 

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